How can GDPR benefit your business?

GDPR – oh how that acronym resonates with us all I am sure, though it does have many positive attributes for businesses asides its actual fundamental purpose.  Here are five key ways that the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation can be good for employers. If, like many UK companies, you spent a considerable…read more

Brexit and Business

Recruiters looking to fill this gap are experimenting with a number of options Sponsorship Licences are looking to be a saviour for those looking for talent in the EU in 2019 Free movement of labour is set to end come 2019 as the conservatives drawn a line in the sand on matters of immigration. This…read more

Employment Law Update 2017

Here is a summary of the latest employment law changes and legal updates for 2017 as published by Acas the employment relations experts and a trusted source of advice for employers, employees, Government and others. Employment Legislation Changes in 2017 Effective Date Trade Union Act The Act reforms the rules on trade union ballots for…read more