Promoting mental wellbeing in the workplace

Employees and employers should try to look out for each other, in the effort to promote the mental wellbeing of everyone in the workplace. We have put together some tips to help with this.

LinkedIn Boost your network & Success

A solid recruiting tool, your LinkedIn profile is your first point of contact with a recruiter or potential employer..the sky is the limit! Rachel Sandler for Business Insider shares her top tips and tricks to help you become a LinkedIn power user and search out the best job to help you up the career ladder.…read more

How to secure an interview for the job you really want

If you fall into any of these categories, use this advice to help you secure an interview and ultimately that ideal job. Taking work on a freelance, temporary or voluntary basis will definitely help your prospects; in addition, you should be using all your contacts from previous employment. Once you think you have found the…read more

The five worst interview questions – and how to answer them

The interview process is almost always a daunting experience, especially when the stakes are high, so how can you prepare to wow your potential employers? No matter how right you know you are for the job, the dreaded interview is the hurdle that you have to fly over with grace in order to secure that…read more

Let Your CV do the Talking!

1. Fudging the format It’s a cliché so yawnsome I can hardly bring myself to write it, but first impressions count – and they count as much for your CV as for your face. In an ideal world, employers would have the time to carefully read through and consider every single CV they receive –…read more

How to Write Job Descriptions to Attract Millennials

In 2015, the Millennials surpassed Generation X to  become the largest generation in the workforce. That doesn’t come as a surprise. We always knew that the Generation X would be replaced with a new, more vibrant flow of workers. The question is: are businesses truly prepared for this new trend? How exactly do you attract…read more

General Hints & Tips for Businesses

5 TOP HR TIPS FOR GROWING SMES As a small company grows the Human Resources aspect of the business becomes a vital aspect of development and success. Recruitment, training, development and compliance with the law should not be underestimated. A well thought out HR policy can be the difference between building a great team or…read more