How LinkedIn can be a finishing touch to your CV

It’s no secret that potential employers use social media as an essential tool when it comes to finding the right candidate when they are hiring, but one platform that sometimes gets overlooked by those looking for employment is LinkedIn. Which can be a big mistake. Recruiters, like anyone else, can be creatures of habit – and if they are regularly turning to a resource that you are not using, then you are on the back-foot straight away.

However, simply having a LinkedIn profile isn’t enough; it has to be right and it has to be professional – and it has to match your CV so there are no inconsistencies, so make sure it’s up to date and relevant to the jobs you are applying for. And, as with your CV, think very carefully about the content. Remember that your future potential employer will make assumptions about what you include. If you are applying for a job where caution is imperative, it doesn’t make any sense in trying to impress him or her by pretending you are a wing walker in your spare time. Hardly a cautious pastime. If you think you are being clever by saying you enjoy socialising, think about what assumptions can be made about that – does it mean you enjoy the theatre and dining out, or does it mean that you love clubbing?

Having said that, your profile summary needs to be punchy so that it grabs attention. It’s likely that employers will read this before they look at whether you have the necessary qualifications so be confident without going over the top, and don’t waffle. Ideally, you will give employers a flavour of who you are and make them want to meet you.

Some employers like to see a photo of candidates on CVs but many don’t. LinkedIn, however, makes photos an integral part of the process so make sure your photograph makes you look professional. Regardless of how impartial recruiters try to be, they are human and assumptions can work on a subconscious level. You may argue that your qualifications and experience are what is required but employers also need to know that they can trust you to be an acceptable persona in their workplace and represent their company well.

Something else to remember is that the popular adage, less is more, doesn’t apply here (apart from the waffle, there’s never a place for that) so if your LinkedIn profile isn’t complete, get onto it as a priority to ensure that your next employer gets an all-round picture of who you are and how well you will fit into their organisation.

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