Job skills you’ll need in 2020

2020 looks set to bring forth a new series of opportunities and challenges for the UK workforce. And as the next generation of trailblazers commences their careers, they are going to need to be bringing a certain skill set. Whatever the job, whatever the sector, these are skills that up and coming employees will need to climb the career ladder to become the next captains of industry.

Social and Emotional Intelligence

Intelligence alone is not enough to succeed in a job anymore. It’s also about being able to connect with others deeply and directly. We need to be able to adjust our mood based on our readings of other employees’ reactions. This is particularly important if you’re looking to create a workplace that promotes empathy and diversity.

Complex Problem Solving

We are living in an increasingly automated workplace, with machines and AI being trusted for the jobs once trusted to humans. But some issues will always require the human element. But there are always going to be problems arising that are not being computed for by AI. These problems will be ill-defined and require an employee to be savvy enough to work out a solution in a short space of time, thereby promoting a new line of innovation in the workplace.

People Management

Employers are taking on an increasingly diverse workforce, not just people coming in from different backgrounds, but also people from different generations, people with different levels of experience, from Generation X (born from 1965 onward) to Generation Z (born from 1996 onward). You need to be able to assess the needs of all these employees and ascertain how to ensure they all function as a collective whole. Managers need to know how to motivate employees and keep productivity high.


Despite all the many standard practices and procedures, a company will always benefit from a ‘thinking outside the box’ mentality. With the slew of technology working its way into the workplace, employees are expected not just to use it but find new ways to implement. A good way to push a company forward in the market is to implement a Blue Ocean Strategy – which involves one finding a unique selling point and using this previously-untapped idea to set themselves ahead of the competition. Mark Zuckerberg led the charge for social media with the creation of Facebook. When you’re hiring staff, ask about what ideas they can bring to your business.

Service Orientation

Technology has drastically improved the way we gather feedback. As such, we can paint a more vivid picture of our customer’s wants and needs. This same information will also reveal that consumers will have different concerns regarding the service you’re providing; such as customer service, environmental issues and quality of a product. You need to be able to maximise the assets of your company based on customer research to provide a better service and cater to multiple needs.

The world of work has changed the job market. There are vacancies to be filled. But the only way to ensure you have a long career in these constantly-reshaping industries is if you build up these skills.

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