Remote Working: Do’s and Don’ts

Since the UK government requested for all organisations (where possible) to start working from home as well as closing the schools across the country, households are facing the challenge of fitting their home life around their regular work life. If you are not used to working away from the office, it can be difficult to make the switch. Here are some dos and don’ts which will help you adjust:

Do maintain regular contact with your team

Working away from the office doesn’t mean you are working ‘on your own’. Conference calls, video chats and instant messaging are the new norm for communicating with your team which will make working from home almost the same as working in the office. Even though you won’t be able to enjoy a quick catch up over a coffee with your colleagues, tools such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Slack can help you keep in touch with peers and staff.

A HR system is also a good tool to make life easier for your organisation to stay in contact with people and for employees to take actions such as updating personal details, logging absences and holiday requests.

Don’t turn the TV on

You may find ambient noise that replicates the hustle and bustle of the workplace sooths you and helps you focus, but putting on your favourite Netflix series on your TV is more than likely to become a distraction and can prevent you from getting work done. Instead, opt for the radio or your Spotify playlist which will not cause a disturbance to your workflow.

Do invest in equipment

As working from home may be for longer than expected, your employer may have invested in the equipment for you to do so – such as a laptop and work phone. Set up your home office as best as you can with a good chair, desk, monitor, mouse and keyboard for your laptop/computer. This will reduce the chances of musculoskeletal problems further down the line. You must be comfortable when remote working.

Don’t work from anywhere

A change of scenery may help boost your creativity however having a routine and a workspace is very important for productivity. Working from your sofa or bed sounds ideal but it can cause back problems, can tempt you to go back to sleep or slack off.  Don’t forget to take productive breaks by going for a walk or just moving away from your screen to give you a boost of motivation.

Do stay organised

Organising your home office is key. Make sure you have everything you need, and you know exactly where it is to save yourself time and frustration. Make a list of items that you need and ensure you have them with you if you are working away from your office.

Don’t always stick with 9-5

There is no need to limit yourself to your 9-5 hours. Work when you are most productive. Some of us hate getting up at the crack of dawn, others are early birds, work when suits you best but make sure you inform your colleagues. When working from home, working in the hours that align with your natural habits at home can help you feel motivated and productive.

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