The qualities you need to impress your boss

Try to understand the expectations your boss has and the goals you are trying to accomplish.

All bosses are different and have their quirks and idiosyncrasies

If you are ambitious and want to make your mark in the workplace, it always helps to make a great impression on the person in charge – the person who is going to evaluate you, report on your performance and even give you the pay rise you want.

All bosses are different and have their quirks and idiosyncrasies, which it is worth paying attention to so that you can anticipate your leader’s needs and help them to understand how incredibly useful you are. Try to understand the expectations your boss has and the goals you are trying to accomplish; in addition, be aware of the essential attributes that most bosses are looking for in effective employees.

Always be prepared

Make sure you are punctual and arrive for meetings with the materials you need, along with notes, suggestions and questions. Caring about small details, such as the time, will help your boss to believe that you also care about bigger issues.

Aim for a consistent output

There is no point over-exerting yourself one week and loafing around the next because you are exhausted – a professional will pace themselves and deliver a reliable amount of work that a boss can count on. Do not stint on the quality of your work; instead, make sure everything is completed to the same high standard, even if those around you are slacking. Your boss will notice and this will demonstrate your value to the company.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Rather than getting irritated by small details that annoy you, think about the bigger picture and whether this incident is worth getting upset about. Before making a complaint or writing an angry email, think about the repercussions of what you are doing and evaluate whether these actions will enhance the professional image you are trying to cultivate. You should have all the facts before you complain; even if you are right, it could put you in a negative light and make others feel that you are not trustworthy.

Be prepared to show up out of hours

Not everyone enjoys social occasions with colleagues or going to work-oriented events; however, it will make you appear to care when you turn up or make an appearance for the presentation. It is important to appear as if you are interested in what your colleagues are doing.

Make the most of your resources and show initiative

You were hired because someone believed that you possessed useful skills, so make sure that you justify their faith in you. Combine your knowledge, your experience and the facilities around you to exceed expectations with every task. If something is not working properly in the office, do not ignore it – do something about it; if you notice that a significant project is not heading in the right direction, or possibly falling behind its deadlines, alert the people who need to know about your concerns.

Be a clear communicator

If you are confused, ask questions to clarify; if you have a great idea, share it; if you need support, ask for it. If one of your colleagues has performed particularly well, do not be shy about giving them praise. Ref: Rec Times Aug 2017

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