Top tips: Building a strong personal brand

Building a strong personal brand is important, especially for those seeking professional opportunities. A personal brand can showcase your talents and make you attractive to other brands, customers and businesses.

However, creating a personal brand that stands out in today’s competitive workforce market is not easy. Below are our top five tips to get you started on branding yourself.

Focus on your strengths

Job seekers are often keen on portraying a range of skills and professional achievements as their strengths. Although this may fit a roles description, it doesn’t always work. Focus on just one thing that you’re great at and base your strengths around it. Describe how such strengths create unique value.

Showcase your personality

In addition to showing off your expertise and abilities, a personal brand should also give the audience a peek into your personality.

Branding is not just about appearing knowledgeable and capable; it also has to do with creating a persona to back it up. Let the audience know who you are and why they would enjoy having you in their workplace.

Understand your values

Take some time to learn about your industry or field of expertise. Find out what employers want and what you can offer to meet or surpass their expectations. Then, align your brand to match the outlook of the industry.

Your values are your brand’s greatest selling point. Ensure that your audience clearly understands what you’re bringing to the table from their point of view.

Build credibility

A strong personal brand is built on credibility. Build relationships with leading brands in your niche and display your association with them on your profile. Involve yourself with other players in the industry in a tangible way, preferably on a professional level.

This is often the only way to build trust and credibility and show valued exposure. Attending professional networking events is an excellent way of achieving these goals.

Create an online presence

How accessible are you to employers?
Nowadays, accessibility is all about online presence.

Create social media profiles and online portfolios that fall in line with your brand image. With this in mind, be cautious of the impression that you do create online – be aware that everything you post may be viewed by a prospective employer and has the potential to affect your application. Link your professional profiles to sites such as job board and forums where they’re likely to attract the desired audience to market your brand.

Put all these together, and you’ll not only create a brand that shows your skills but one that represents your personality as well. Your brand could be the first step towards your dream career.

To meet your aspirations, contact the recruitment experts at James Newbury Appointments today. We can help match your skills to the right employer and take the stress out of your job search.

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