The four best questions to ask at interviews (and the ones to avoid!)

At the end of a job interview there’s nothing worse than the panel asking a potential employee if they have any questions they would like to ask and being met with “uhhhhmmm I don’t think so!” It suggests the candidate hasn’t researched the business properly and isn’t fully invested in the company. In a way,…read more

What are the return to work policies, and will they work?

Coronavirus has changed the world and the way we work indefinitely, and as more and more countries begin to lift lockdown, certain measures are being put in place to try and protect employee safety in the workplace. The UK Government has introduced various return to work policies to try and prevent a further outbreak –…read more

Covid-19: the impact on apprenticeships

The unprecedented pandemic that the world has found itself in the grip of this year has visibly affected all sectors of life.  Not only is the workplace being fundamentally changed, but recruitment numbers are lower than ever before, hiring has stalled and for many young job hunters entering the workforce, important apprenticeship programmes have become…read more

How to stay connected with your team while remote working

2020 changed the working world for good. Businesses around the world put their normal operating practices on hold, while governments and scientists worked out how companies could keep their employees safe, while maintaining some level of normality. Whole teams moved from an office-based environment to working from home. For many, this has proved to be…read more

Top tips: Ace your telephone interview

Do you have an upcoming phone interview? A phone interview is just as important as an interview held in person, especially now more than ever,  so it is essential you properly prepare for the call. There are some unique things you must consider if you are preparing for a phone interview. 1. Plan your environment…read more

How to stay positive whilst working from home

If you’ve always been used to a company setting working from home can be hard to handle. Any problems you now face with work might not be as easily solvable compared to having a colleague next to you. And if you struggle to stay motivated, the prospect of completing the work on your schedule can…read more

Remote Working: Do’s and Don’ts

Since the UK government requested for all organisations (where possible) to start working from home as well as closing the schools across the country, households are facing the challenge of fitting their home life around their regular work life. If you are not used to working away from the office, it can be difficult to…read more

How LinkedIn can be a finishing touch to your CV

It’s no secret that potential employers use social media as an essential tool when it comes to finding the right candidate when they are hiring, but one platform that sometimes gets overlooked by those looking for employment is LinkedIn. Which can be a big mistake. Recruiters, like anyone else, can be creatures of habit –…read more

IR35 reforms postponed until April 2021

The IR35 were first introduced in April 2000, to stop workers from classifying themselves as freelance contractors in order to pay less tax. As part of the government’s response to the coronavirus outbreak, the rollout of changes to the private sector off-payroll has been delayed by 12 months due to the growing business uncertainty surrounding…read more

Upcoming employment law changes your company needs to be aware of

Although last year’s General Election and EU withdrawal negotiations took up vast amounts of legislative time in 2019, there are some changes to employment law in the pipeline for 2020, and these are discussed below. 2020 employment law changes to action in April Written statement of employment From 6 April, all employees will need to…read more