Top tips: Ace your telephone interview

Do you have an upcoming phone interview? A phone interview is just as important as an interview held in person, especially now more than ever,  so it is essential you properly prepare for the call.

There are some unique things you must consider if you are preparing for a phone interview.

1. Plan your environment

It is essential you complete your phone call interview in a quiet area, with good telephone signal. You must tell every member of your household what time you are expecting your interview and ask them to remain silent and not disturb you. If an unexpected noise does occur during the interview, try to remain focused and do not become distracted by the noise.

2. Research the role and the company

When taking a telephone interview, you must have a clear idea of the company and the role you are applying for. It may help to write down some keywords about the company and keep this paper in front of you, so you will remember to mention these points. It is important, however, that you do not memorise lines or read from a script as this can make you sound unnatural and robotic. 

3. Take notes

One of the benefits of a telephone interview is that the interviewer will not be able to see you. For this reason, you can write down key ideas and points brought up by the interviewer so you can mention them naturally in the interview. For example, if the interviewer mentions they want an enthusiastic employee, you can write this word down to ensure you remain enthusiastic throughout the whole interview. 

4. Know your CV and experience

When job candidates talk on the phone, they have the tendency to rush through their CV as they find talking on the phone and not having visual affirmations unsettling. It is important you remind yourself to slow down and talk in detail about your CV and what experience you have. 

5. Get dressed

For a telephone interview, you should get dressed and ready as if you are attending an interview in person. Getting dressed and ready for an interview will ensure your mind feels properly awake and you are in a professional mindset. It is also important to look presentable for a phone interview as your interviewer may wish to switch to a video call halfway through the interview and you do not want to get caught out looking unprofessional. 

If you’d like more help and guidance on your job search, contact James Newbury Appointments today. We hope you stay well and stay safe.

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